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Posted by Jason on January 03, 2004 at 18:16:43:

I'm not some dumb homeowner, but begining to feel like one. I actually install new fancy boilers part time with my boss.
Anyway, I have an old 1986 BurnHam that up untill last year gave me no problems. The preassure release valve is always dribbleing. The gauage says that when the water heats up it is always at 30 psi.
So I've replaced both the preasure release valve and the preasure reagulator. Now it leaks worse about a 5 gallon bucket a day (actually probabily more if it's cold outside). I've tried ajusting the regulator to let less preassure in, but nothing happens except more water.
I just came up from the basement and the water seems to be getting worse. I shut it down and cleaned the new reagulator out. It did not seem to be dirty, the whole house is done in copper and the old main line comming in is hooked up to two different water filters. I just turned it back on--same thing.
What am I missing here, could I need a new expansion tank? I did repipe some of it last year to add a new radiator, and had a bit of water at first, but not in the amounts I have now. Should I just give up and buy an expensive sump pumb system?



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