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Re: New: Problems with fairly new BURNHAM Boiler

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Posted by Norm on January 01, 2003 at 08:24:52:

In Reply to: Re: New: Problems with fairly new BURNHAM Boiler posted by Gary on December 03, 2003 at 05:55:51:

Gary and Tony,

Thanks for your thoughts about this problem. What you added was helpful.

Here's what the deal is now.

BURNHAM ackowledged that they have had some problems with this type of furnace and offered to replace all of the sections that are leaking and defective but not the three that seem ok. Also, they will throw in some sealing nipples that go between the sections. Labor and extras not included. All in all not too bad a deal.

We figure something is better than nothing and actually do appreciate their candor and help. They really didn't HAVE to help us at all. So, it's good to see a company stand beside their product, if not completely behind it.

Also, they think a cold water return temporing loop would help the keep the problem from re-occurring. I'm doubtful, but it's in the plans for the new repair-installation. I feel that if the parts were of good design and manufacture, it would have been fine the way it was originally installed. But who can prove that? Not me!

So, thanks for your help. I'll try to add to this thread when the installation is complete and it's up and running.


: Whats the temperature of the return water? is the make up feed being fedd into the return?and lastly is the boiler overfiring?

: : Our church has 2 large Burnham, gas fired, boilers that were newly installed in 1998. Both developed leaks within 2 years and were repaired (disassembeled and re-sealed). One had 3 sections resealed and one had 2 sections done.

: : Now both are leaking again. Both are leaking from the repaired seals between the sections and now one has a crack in the surface of one of the sections. The crack is not at a corner, edge or seating face, but right in the middle of solid cast iron on a cast flashing mark where it was ground off.

: : Surpisingly, the seals leak when the furnace is not running (fire is OFF) but the leak stops when the furnace is ON (fire is ON).

: : These boilers were installed and repaired by licensed heating contractors, in a new building under the best possible conditions, etc, etc, etc.

: : Of course, Burnham isn't interested in helping us.

: : I can provide some pictures of the damaged areas if that would help you help me.

: : Question: Since on one of the boilers, the leak is very slow and actually doesn't lose enough water to even reach the floor, would it be ok to just forget it and run it as is?

: : At present, we are running with only one furnace. The other one is OFF and there is no pressure in it, so we're not sure how bad it leaks. Both the HOT (out) and COLD (in) valves are closed.

: : Question: Would it be ok to open the inlet (COLD) side valve, pressurize the boiler to see how bad the leak is?

: : Any suggestions?

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