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Re: Water Magnetic Conditioners

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Posted by Bryan on May 26, 2005 at 06:30:46:

In Reply to: Water Magnetic Conditioners posted by Joubert on April 17, 2005 at 03:11:47:

: Dear sirs:
: I am hearing a lot about magnetic conditioners for prevent/ remove scale in boilers, coolin towers, heat exchangers, etc.
: Please could you make some comments about this subject? (Does it work, case studies, etc.)
: All comments will be very appreciated.
: Hugs
: Joubert

Hi, This is my 1st post here, but I think I'm qualified enough to answer this.

If your looking to catch floating rust in a filter be in in a generator oil filter or I suppose for tower water, aye sir I think it would be effective. However there are some companies that are selling this as a whole water treatment, saying that you'll have great results w/o buying alot of chemicals.
A quick overview of why boilers need water treatment. 1. Any sort of scale inside the tubing makes it much less efficient. Hardness is the cause, and there are more then one type of hardness or "cause". Calcium, magnesium, silica.. all bad.. 2. Higher pressures mean any type of inpurities in your water will cause damage a whole lot faster then metal at room/outside tempratures. After all.. rusting is a chemical reaction.. heat and pressurise a chemical reaction it speeds it up.. so ph. needs to be right, if you have zeolite softners, you need to make sure salt isn't carrying over, etc.. Well I can drag this on.. if you have a small unit thats in a home or say a cast iron in a hotel, get a hold of a reputable industrial boiler chemical salesman, and they'll set you up with what you need.. The people selling these magnets rate with me the same as the energy conservationists that told plants that they were wasting energy in the 70's by looking at all the steam venting to the atmosphere.. Just happened to be the vent outlet to the deaerater, that they shut off and wound up damaging the boiler due to oxygen pitting because the vent is what allows the deaerater to dispose of it.. Its primary function.. I suggest when it comes to water treatment, stick with tried and true.. If not you'll likely get the same results using voodoo.. At least there I'm sure you won't have all the expense.

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