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NIULPE/ASOPE "Reciprocity"

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Posted by John Fanning on April 22, 2005 at 15:32:11:

I have read several posts that indicate some licensing groups out there are issuing licenses based upon "reciprocity" with NIULPE licenses. It is important to know that there is NO RECIPROCITY between NIULPE and ASOPE. Reciprocity, by its very definition, implies a mutual agreement between parties. NIULPE does not recognize ASOPE licenses. So, if you are looking for a license that will be recognized by the majority of Cities and States in the U.S., Don't believe you can trade-in your ASOPE license for one from NIULPE. Because you can't. You can get an ASOPE license in exchange for one from NIULPE, but not the other way around. I think both licensing groups are fine and dandy, but you should know the facts before you invest your time and money towards obtaining a license. Someday, there may be reciprocity between NIULPE and ASOPE, but NIULPE has high standards and doesn't just hand out licenses in exchange for other peoples pieces of paper. A reciprocity agreement would require an examination of their practices and procedures and a certified audit of there business practices by NIULPE before any agreement would be made. NIULPE is not in the license business - it is in the public safety business. The people who obtain NIULPE licenses don't just pay for them - they earn them. And in so doing, they earn the trust and responsibility for operating potentially dangerous equipment within the public sector. NIULPE takes that very seriously - and so should you.

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