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Re: Water Magnetic Conditioners

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Posted by dfb on April 20, 2005 at 14:36:14:

In Reply to: Water Magnetic Conditioners posted by Joubert on April 17, 2005 at 03:11:47:

: Dear sirs:
: I am hearing a lot about magnetic conditioners for prevent/ remove scale in boilers, coolin towers, heat exchangers, etc.
: Please could you make some comments about this subject? (Does it work, case studies, etc.)
: All comments will be very appreciated.
: Hugs
: Joubert

As im sure you know the use of magnets in a attempted to positively influence the function of minerals within water is not new, this attempted has been being made for over 17 years with more disasterouse results than successes. If you are concidering being a part of a company that provides this service industrially i strongly recommend quality liability insurance. If you are concidering magnets for residential applications then only stay in business for 5 years. If you are responsible for equipment as your job dont risk it. Manufacture'ers and reps will provide you with plenty of positive marcketing material showing great results, some will provide technical data, however the info they provide is not complete and does not concider all variables. Explaining why they are not a good idea technically is lengthly and requires understanding. So.. good luck.

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