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Re: mechanical seal problem

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Posted by mark on April 01, 2005 at 09:08:49:

In Reply to: mechanical seal problem posted by hardtimes on March 31, 2005 at 14:02:16:

: Our plant was just renovated back in 2002. They replaced our old centrifugal feed pumps with Goulds pumps with mechanical seals. All 4 pumps have had the mechanical seals replaced twice. Each time under warranty. The company has sent reps out to find out what the problem is and can't find an answer. They said there was a JELLY like substance maybe causing the problem. Our feedwater is clean and we have no jelly like substance anywhere else in the plant. We just lost 2 more mechanical seals. They were put in by the company. This time they took it to the factory and said granules so small they would fit in the lines in your hand is causing the seals to fail. You can't see them to the naked eye. Is there feedwater anywhere that is completely pure of any type of silica or dirt. There are strainers in line before the pump. It sounds to me like a bad product and I'm getting a bunch of smoke blown my way. These are feedwater pumps, I don't think a granule of something I can't see should be causing a failure. Has anybody seen this problem before.

We had a similar problem, the factory installed seal was only rated for 200 F, Our feedwater was at 225 f. Check the temp rating of the seals they are installing

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