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Re: SC boiler operator test

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Posted by Larry Hayes on March 04, 2005 at 10:21:33:

In Reply to: SC boiler operator test posted by Jose Cruz on February 04, 2005 at 12:47:33:


Insetad of looking at this as a bad idea, think of it as improving your knowledge and protecting your job. If your company requires licensed Engineers (Always a good idea), then less people are qualified to do it.

You benifit as your value will increase, the company values as their insurance costs will go down, and the community values it as your operation becomes safer.

I live in Nebraska and most of the boilers are located in Omaha where Licensed Operators are required. More people are hurt each year in boiler accidents outstate as no license is required.

You will loose a little but everyone will come out ahead in the long run.


: Hello i live in SC and work fro clemsonuniversity as a Boiler operator.
: In SC is not require to have a license to be an operator. but because of new laws might be moving into our state also as it has on others. we are taking the boiler operator test.
: we are taking it with NC regulations with niulpe.
: http://www.niulpe.org/certification.htm

: I was wondering if someone here with some exp on this kinda test could give me an idea that i can also share with other workers that are taking the test.

: we have 4 operators running 12 hrs shift and 6 maintenance workers. but everyone is teking the test.
: I my self m taking the third level class. other are taking the fith and 4th.

: and the operators are taking the 2nd grade class.
: wich i see is very difficult.
: at first we where kinda mad at the situation our supervisor is putting us tru but now is not option but to study the test will be taken in march 8-2005

: But we can use this license in other place in case we where to come unemployed.
: i guess i talk to much lol.
: But any help you can supply will be greatly appriciated.

: like an idea of what to look for or any kind of resources i can study and hopefully share with the co-workers.

: Thank you
: Cruz

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