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Re: Spence PSI Regulator (PRV)

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Posted by Sarder Sirajum Munira on January 11, 2005 at 23:01:27:

In Reply to: Re: Spence PSI Regulator (PRV) posted by Terry on March 31, 2004 at 08:11:33:

: I love these valves. It's difficult to tell from your post what exactly you have encountered. Usually, with long term wear, either the pilot or the main will fail, but not both. If staying under pressure means valve fails to open or delivered pressure drops, check that the 5a restriction elbow is clear. Also the factory supplied 4a bleedport must be used. If staying under pressure means over-riding the setting, make sure the 4a bleedport isn't plugged.

: On these valves, the main stem length setting is critical. There is a particular length for each size valve. You may want to get a spare stem and reinstall it to the proper length for your valve size.

: In all the spare parts kits we use, there is always a installation/operation/ mainenance guide.
: This pamphlet also has troubleshooting instructions. Check it out !

: : Has anyone here ever rebuilt a Spence PRV?

: : I am rebuilding a D and E type.

: : I've disassembled the main valve and pilot, replaced the gaskets, spring, diaphragms and replaced the brass fittings.

: : The pilot is accuated with air, 3-20psi for a steam pressure range of 20-60psi.

: : I assembled and tested the prv with air but I am having problems staying under pressure.

: : I've blanked the ends and put gauges. At 100psi AIR, the discharge reads 0 Psi. If I block the tubing going to the pilot, the pressure will rise to equal the incoming pressure.

: : At first I thought the problem was with the main valve stem being too long, so I cut it and set the dowel. The clearance is now 3/64... but I have te same problem.

: : Is the problem with pressure regulation from the pilot? I haven't reworked because my shift ended, but I want to hit the ground running tomorrow.

: : Any luck? =]

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