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Re: water column and water level controller

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Posted by Steaman on October 29, 2004 at 19:51:17:

In Reply to: Re: water column and water level controller posted by Ken Randles on October 21, 2004 at 16:12:32:

: : : Recently replaced controller (McDonnell-Miller
: : : 150s) and seems to be extremely sensitive
: : : to water oscillation when feed water pump
: : : comes on causing numerous low water
: : : shutdowns. Have increased blowdown in that
: : : suspected TDS problems but indications are
: : : that has not significantly increased. Should
: : : I suspect my water column equalization lines?
: : : Any other obvious things I am overlooking?

: : What was the reason for changing out the control? Was the old one doing the same thing? Does the new one have the snap switches in it, or, the old style mercury type. I have found the new snap switches to not be as reliable as the mercury type. Some tweaking may be needed. Another problem may be what is commonly reffered to as sucking your boiler dry. This occurs when you don't have enough boiler for the load your rtying to keep up with. It will cause your water level to 'bounce' Another problem may be 'grease' in your feed water, a problem typical especially to meat production and rendering plants. Hope some of this helps you out.

: Steaman, sorry to get in the middle, but I am having boiler large issues with priming in my 600HP firetube boiler. Wouldn't I see a pressure drop if I was using too much steam? I am 100% makeup water so it's not condensate return contamination. I have been fighting this issue since January. I just found out today that McDonnell&Miller may have a problem with the 7B controller. I have a E-mail to them to try to find out. Again, sorry to break in, Thank you

No prob, that's why we are here. Occasionally water can be 'sucked' and a noticable pressure drop not noticed, with your combustion rate being wide open. Rare, but I have seen it. Of course the easier way out is if M&M is having a problem with their 7B's. Hopefully it is in the control, easier fix.

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