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Re: Boiler Blowdown

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Posted by ultraman on July 26, 2002 at 08:04:43:

In Reply to: Boiler Blowdown posted by Cody Lawton on July 26, 2002 at 05:44:32:

: We have 3 boilers that operate around 120PSI. I was taught by the other other maint. techs to open the slow opening valve (farthest from boiler) completely. Then we slowly open the quick opening valve next to the boiler until the pipes warm up. After the pipes warm up, the quick valve stays open for a count of 15, then it's shut, and then we close the slow closing valve. Unless I'm reading some of the posts wrong. It seems like we're not doing this correctly. It seems that the way we're doing it is going to cause the quick opening valve to fail quicker than it should, resulting in a shutdown of the boiler to replace it. What's the right way to do a Blowdown.

: Thanks,
: Cody

This is the proper way as per cleaver brooks
open the valve nearst the boiler first and then closed last..with blowdown being accomplished by the valve farthest from the boiler the sequence of operation once established should provde that the valve last opened should be the first closed so the other valve is saved from throttling service to ensure a tight closing

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