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Re: testing cehmicals for boiler water

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Posted by Vern on June 01, 2002 at 22:34:30:

In Reply to: Re: testing cehmicals for boiler water posted by rajooboiler on June 01, 2002 at 20:48:39:

: : : 1.can someone explain the chemical processes when chemicals are used to test the BW condition?
: : : e.g.,5ml of water+phenolphthalain.... so on
: : : 2.info on deionized water employment in boilers(what is it?what is the harm if we use it?)
: : : thanx.

: : Phenolphthalein is simply an indicator of pH. It changes color at different pH values.
: : In order to learn about the chemical processes, purchase Betz Handbook of Water Treatment. It explains it all.
: : No harm in using di water, it is a good way to go. You will have to add some alkalinity builder to get proper ph
: : and alkalinity. DI water is water with all the ions(calcium, magnesium, silica, sulfate, etc.) removed from the water.

: thanx.
: 1. betz hand book: any more info on publishers etc.,?any sites where i can get the same info?
: 2. DI water can pull out metal from the boiler surface is what i read in one pf the forums.how true is this? using water produced from sea water(like in a ship) is it same as using DI water?
: thanx.

1.Betz handbook: Go to www.awt.org, I think they have it for sale there. If not that one,
they have others just as good.
2. DI water can be corrosive just like other waters. You need to build up the
alkalinity artificially with alkalinity builders to get pH up in the alkaline
range to prevent corrosion.
3. Ship distilled water: I have to assume it can be pretty pure water. It all depends on how
good your distillation process is. Yes, good distilled water is just like using DI water, almost
all the minerals have been removed.

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