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Re: Boiler TDS and Conductivity ?

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Posted by Akram Albeur Isaac on May 28, 2002 at 04:49:08:

In Reply to: Re: Boiler TDS and Conductivity ? posted by Jenny on April 13, 2000 at 18:14:53:

: : How does Boiler TDS relate to Conductivity ?
: : I know you can't haver conductivity without TDS, or can you ?
: : Also, why would you want to check both TDS & conductivity in
: : your boiler water ?

: : Any help greatly appreciated.

: TDS and Conductivity are directly related. When TDS increases Conductivity increases. The reverse is also true. These two, however, are not proportional to each other.
: Since conductivity is the opposite (or mathematical inverse) of resistance, the higher the conducitivity the greater the ability for current to flow through the fluid. This is a result of ionic particles dissolved within the fluid or solution. That means that these particles have a charge, positive or negative associated with them. The greater the number of dissolved particles, hence TDS, the greater the conducitivity and this then means a larger current can flow (for a constant voltage source e.g. the battery in the TDS or conducitivity meter) through the solution.
: So technically, no, you can't have one without the other.
: Now, pure water is highly polar, so I'm not sure that you can't say it acts as a ideal resistor, but for our purposes we will. So then, chemically pure water (nothing but H2O) would have zero TDS and zero conducitivity.
: Since I don't have a chart with me that shows values for TDS and conductivity I can only guess right now. I think at say 3500 micromhos
: conductivity, TDS (in ppm) is lower. I measure boiler water TDS by measuring the conducivity and relating the two. I've done it so long that now I only work with conductivity and know where the numbers should be. I perform other seperate tests in ppm. It's just what I do. Other people measure boiler water in ppm.
: There is no need to measure TDS and then turn around and measure conductivity since they tell you the same thing. The funny thing is, if you use a meter to measure TDS how do you think its actually measuring the TDS?
: 1- Is there any different etween measuring TDS at hot water and cool water ?
2- Where is the best location for installing the system in the boiler ?
3- Who is going to install the whole system at the factory ?
4- I need a Digrame for the system .
5- How can I calobrate the system ?
I hope to send me any Catalog for TDS controller system because we have four Steam boiler . One of them mark LOOS 12 ton/hour .
Our address is : Mr. Akram Albeur Isaac
P.O.Box 38, Industrail Zone B2,
10th of Ramadan city, Egypt.

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