Steam Purity - What happens to the solids?

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Posted by Buddy on June 23, 2000 at 21:01:02:

Got a couple of questions and I hope the gurus who frequent this site can shed a little light
on the subject. If this question is overly basic, please cut a beginner some slack.

We have two low pressure HRSG's (150psi) that produce superheated steam (250 degC) to
drive a 2MW steam turbine. The conductivity in steam drums are on the average 1000 micro-mhos/cm.
Since we don't have a device to measure steam purity at the inlet to the turbine, I am guessing it is in
the neighborhood of 0.3 micro-mhos/cm (based on manufacturers specs).

Question #1: What happens to all the solids? How do they reduce from 1000 to 0.3.
Question #2: Does anyone know of an easy way to calculate steam purity?

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