Re: Fireside pitting of Morrison furnace

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Posted by Roger Link on May 30, 2000 at 04:54:09:

In Reply to: Fireside pitting of Morrison furnace posted by Derek on May 29, 2000 at 17:27:42:

: We have discovered fireside pitting on the Morrison
: corrugated furnace of one of our 400HP Cleaver Brooks
: steam boilers. This boiler is only 2 years old and we
: believe that the pits are defects from manufacturing
: however we failed to notice them when we cleaned the
: boiler after its first year of service. The pits are
: throughout the entire furnace but are most prominant
: at the bottom and towards the rear of the furnace. Some
: of the pits are up to 1/8"deep and up to 1/2"in diameter.
: Has anyone experienced this occurance?.

My experience has shown that when a boiler firing on #2 to #6 oil has a inferior combustion setting that soot will build up on the fireside and that the sulfer mixes with the condensation that occurs when firing up from a cold startup to form sulfuric acid that can cause the corrosive condition you speak of. Also if the maintenance personnel wash out the fireside and don't dry out the puddles that form in the corrugated furnace the same thing will happen.

If neither of these situations occurred I think I would complain to the manufacturers rep about the condition.

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