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Steam Pipe Insulation...my experience

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Posted by Ike on February 21, 2002 at 22:24:20:

Just passing on my experience about insulation. Ten years ago we had a new WeilMcClain steam plant installed. There were about 15' of 3" & 2 1/2" of new piping installed in the furnace room. Not insulated. The room and that end of the basement would reach 90+ degrees.
I finally started checking web pages like Boilerroom for information about steam systems, traps, etc, and encountered several threads addressing the insulation question. Checked a lot of sites for pipe coverings, and found one.www.extolohio.com/ that seemed to have what I needed. Talked to a guy named Bob who was MOST helpful. 1 800 486 9865.
First, I'd measured the OD of the pipes,which he corrected to the actual cover diameter needed...which goes by steam pipe size.....my 3 1/2" measure was called a 3" insulation, etc. They sell the stuff in 3' lengths. Costs a tad over $3/ft. Accepted a credit card, and UPS'ed it which arrived in 2-3 days. Used my radial arm saw with fine tooth blade to cut sections to fit the various small sections. Job was fun, not difficult, and the basement room is now only about 5 deg above the remainder of the house.
Did NOT cover the T's and Elbows, so they're radiating some heat. Extol has covers for these pieces, but didn't buy them.
All in all, a worthwhile investment and am very happy with their service.
FWIW.....regards 2-21-02

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