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Re: Need help with Phosphate (Sodium Hydroxine)

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Posted by steve on February 01, 2002 at 03:50:36:

In Reply to: Need help with Phosphate (Sodium Hydroxine) posted by Brian Rei on January 31, 2002 at 19:10:55:

First of all regular blowdowns are important to remove sludge from your boiler and surface blowdowns to control your total dissolved solids. If you are doing those regularly and you ph is to high you are adding to much chemical to you system.

You are better off just blowing the blowing the boiler down than trying to treat the excess ph out as water is usually less expensive than another bucket of chemical.

Has your water treatment rep given you any advice?

: I'm a 2nd fireman, I miss understood something I was told. I have a high pH in the boiler. I know why from research that I did it was from a solution called Sodium Hydroxine i think, aka (Formula 7181)

: I added 3mL of this to a tank diluted with water pumping into the boiler to treat low pH. The pH was high at first due to low boiler running. So the chemical built up. I added more to the tank under the impression it would bring the pH down. I was informed by my new engineer that it wasn't correct. I came to the solution fo when there is a large change in boiler water with new feedwater to take the pH and determine if I should run the pump..

: Problem, I learned from this mistake but I'm still missing 1 part of my problem. Is there a chemical, or method of bringing down the pH in the boiler without blowing it down?

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