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Posted by Afdmello on January 05, 2002 at 00:20:37:

In the process section of our plant we are having a deaerator that is operating at 0.5 barg. It is deaerating the condensate returned and the they are even dosing hydrazine.

The water from the Deaerator is fed to vessels which supply water at saturated conditions to the reactor for heat removal and the returning water is flashed into steam .Basically ,these vessels are generating low pressure steam by flashing. The Deaearator water is also fed to desuperheaters.

The utility section deaerator is operating at 2.5 barg.This is feeding the boilers which are generating 250 tons/hr steam at 45 barg and 430 deg C.

What is the criteria for choosing the deaerator operating pressure ?What are the effects fo increasing of decreasing the deaerator operating pressure on the deaeration?


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