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Posted by james w hanna on November 08, 2001 at 06:03:40:

In Reply to: Re: steam Boiler posted by lou christou on November 08, 2001 at 00:16:02:

: : Hello:
: : A valued customer of ours has a large wood fired steam boiler . We were having repeat bearing failures on the OFA ( over fire air fan ) I had suggested that they insulate under the frame work to reduce some of the heat comming from the boiler . This reduced the OFA bearing temperature from about 350 degrees to under 200 degrees. I had also suggested the OFA fan speed be reduced , because the shaft speed was 2080 rpm's which was over the recommended rpm for this bearing when grease lubricated. My thoughts were the reduced speed would reduce the bearing temperature. We had noticed belt squeel on several ocasions . We checked the belt sheaves and found excessive wear on both belt sheaves.
: : The belt sheaves and belts were replaced. Through human error the new sheaves were put on the wrong location , They had the right sheaves ,but put wrong one on motor and wrong one on fan . Well this reduced the rpm from 2080 rpm's down to 1563 rpm's , which is about 33% speed reduction.
: : They changed the OFA damper setting to compensate . The problem I'm concerned with now is there is a resonance vibration on the FD ( Forced Draft Fan ) . Finally my question , could the reduced rpm on the OFA fan cause this resonance vibration on the FD fan
: : Thanks
: : james w hanna
: : Certified Vibration Analyst
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: A couple of thoughts on your problem:

: 1. Is the new OFA blade passing frequency similar to the FD fan resonance frequency?
: 2. The 33% change in OFA speed would have a drastic effect on OFA fan performance so I'm a bit surprised that this could have been overcome simply by opening the OFA damper. Was the OFA damper nearly closed to start with? Has the FD fan flow increased as a result?

Lou :
I am going to foward this to the boiler operator and he can most likely answer the questions
jamed hanna

Lou: I will get back with the answer about the blade pass frequency asap
james hanna

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