Re: alkalinity of boiler drum water

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Posted by David Bobkoski on September 07, 2001 at 16:00:58:

In Reply to: alkalinity of boiler drum water posted by raj on September 04, 2001 at 06:09:16:

You can decrease the level of Alk. by installing a Hydrogen cycle de-alk system. You can run this unit split stream, (Partial mix with your make-up water) Remember if your feed pipe is iron, you want the ph. At 8.4-9.2 preferably, to prevent corrosion. The reason for a ph of 10 or better in most industrial boilers is to prevent corrosion, by suspending free CO2. The high alk also helps to maintain a surface tension on the upper level water, and aids to prevent carry-over.
Adding caustic soda is most generally used to raise the PH. If your running a straight p-alk
test, the norm is from 200-600 ppm caco3.
This is for most high presure, non utility boilers. But can vary depending on whether you are using a chelant, or polymer based internal treatment. Final advice. Consult with a reputable chem distributor for paremeters with your treatment program.
Dave Bobkoski
: how we can decrease boiler drum alkalinity. why
it is necessary to keep a certain level of alkalinty maitain in drum water. if alkalinity increases its limits what harm it can do to boiler. further , what chemicals are used to increase alkalinity levels in boiler drum? thanx.

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