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Posted by Raymond on June 16, 2001 at 08:36:27:

In Reply to: to manny silver & tarzan from zaib posted by zaib on June 16, 2001 at 02:57:24:

: dear friends thanks for your comments on
: my question.i understand your reply.further
: i want to inquire from you is that: 1 -"can we determine
: c.c. by dividing concentrtion of chlorides in boiler
: water by feed water e.g.;if chlorides in boiler water are 30 ppm. & in feed water are
: 10 ppm. then c.c. will be 3 or we can only obtain c.c.
: by dividing conductivities of b.w. by f.w.
: 2- how we will adjust our c.b.d. valve by knowing c.c.
: 3- are there any quick methodes available by which we
: can determine the purity of heavey fuel oil.
: thanks a lot. (by zaib)

1-Any mineral concentration difference between feed and boiler water what remains in the water can be used to calculate the concentration factor. Sometimes purity of the feed water is such that only Si can be taken into calculation, although part of Si gos with the steam.
2-I do not understand the abbreviation
3-What do understand by purity of heavy fuel oil? Heavy fuel oil is such a complex mixture of hydrocarbons. Most important properties are.
BS&W, sulphur content, viscosity, asphalten content, density. None of them simple to measure

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