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Posted by Tarzan on June 15, 2001 at 08:54:32:

In Reply to: define cycles of concentration posted by zaib on June 15, 2001 at 00:35:49:

: what is true defination of cycles of concentration?
: what is its importans in boiler water treatment?
: thanks.

Cycles of concentration.....It's not when I'm daydreaming or concentrationg about my Harley describes the concentration of solids (measured by conductivity) in your boiler water as compared to the feed water entering the boiler...We measure the conductivity of the boiler water then compare it to that of the feed water and by dividing the two we determine cycles of's a relative comparision of the two....

Or let me say it this way.....Practically all impurities that are present in the feed water, including those in the make up water, and those picked up in the condensate system will eventually find their way back to the boiler. As steam is generated and leaves the boiler, the impurities remain and build up in the boiler water....evaporating water is like distilling water....distilled water is relatively free of impurities, therefore it is not electrically conductive...but the remaining water that you evaporated the distilled water from will be much higher in conductivity than it was before you started boiling it to produce distilled water....

Another example...if a boiler holds 10,000lbs of water and produces 50,000 lbs of steam per hour, in one hour there would be 5 times the amount of impurities in the boiler water than there was in the entering feed water....or expressed as 5 cycles of concentration....if you continued to steam the boiler without blowing down, your cycles would continue to increase.

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