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Posted by Vince on February 23, 2000 at 09:34:23:

In Reply to: Boiler capacity posted by Dave on February 23, 2000 at 04:08:37:

Increasing the capacity of the boiler may place capacity restraints on the rest of the system, will all of the boiler auxiliary equipment handle a 25% increase in capacity ? You will almost certainly need new safety relief valves, will the feedpumps still be able to keep up with demand? There's a lot of questions to answer.

Is the 50,000 pph load consistant or cyclical ? If you end up needing the extra steam round the clock, I'd think just putting in a 200 HP to 250 HP firetube would be the easiest to do. If it is only a cyclical load, maybe a steam accumulator would do the trick.

: we have a water tube boiler that is rated at 40000lbs/hr @ 100 psi MAWP 250 radiant heating surface 562.32sqft convection heating surface 460.65 sqft. Looking for a formula to determine if we can increase capacity to 50,000 lbs/hr without doing any damage. Boiler is fired with natural gas and #4 fuel oil. If boiler is capable of increased capacity is it only a matter of increasing the turn down ratio?

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