Re: low ph of condensate return

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Posted by Vern on May 28, 2001 at 07:55:45:

In Reply to: low ph of condensate return posted by zaib on May 28, 2001 at 03:29:54:

: we are operating 3 ton / h 350 psi water tube boiler. we are producing about 40 tons steam/day. our make-up water is zeolite treated we have also adopted internal treatment.but ph valu comes upto 4 or 5 . what may be wrong?
: moreover continuous blowdown remains open constantaly.
: but waterside of boiler has a layer of scale .is our treatment is faulty or what is reason?
: what chemicals& in what quantity will be needed to raise ph value of condensate?

Regarding the condensate ph, you need to add an amine to the system to raise condensate
ph, or if you process dairy products you will want to use ammonia to elevate ph.
As for how much to add, without doing a complete plant survey, all I can tell you
is you will need to add a hell of a lot. Consult your chemical vendor for help on the amount.
Regarding the boiler scale, you need to consult your chemical vendor for help. Some areas to look at
are is your water soft all the time? Were you using soft water when the scale developed?
What is the composition of the scale? Is it calcium, silica, something else? Email me
if you have more questions.

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