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Posted by Tarzan on May 26, 2001 at 07:24:03:

In Reply to: boiler lay up posted by conrad thibodeaux on May 14, 2001 at 19:07:47:

": need info on best way to lay up boiler or Paporivor for up to 6 months as to protect fire side of tubes.
: any suggestions? please reply"

Conrad, something tells me you are from Louisiana and also maybe your dog is named "Phideaux". Either way, store your boiler dry...tarp the stack and maybe even seal the burner air supply with plastic. The idea is to prevent damp moist air from drafting up thru the boiler. It will condense on the firesides of a boiler in wet lay up and activate the acids in left over fireside deposits....I've seen the water walls of one almost new power boiler so thinned by the resulting rust that it had to be replaced. Attempt to clean the firesides also but understand you will only be able to clean what you can reach...Dry is the best method fersure, but if you go with wet lay up, seal the stack and place a portable space heater in the firebox and inspect weekly. The heater will also keep your O2 inhibitors in gentle circulation and keep the metals above dew point.

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