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Posted by Tarzan on May 26, 2001 at 07:03:48:

In Reply to: BTU's posted by B.T.Bill on May 22, 2001 at 20:47:27:

": : 7000/carat? Thats not bad, there are 2545 btu in a horsepower that=2.75 HP. or a hair over 2KW. I guess the problem is if the power is only instantaneous or sustained over a period of time. I would bet you can get the full 2.75HP for about a half an hour then it would slowly degrade. They just can't make the American units as good as the imports anymore. Either way you would never offset the capital cost of the diamond. What would the output be if you gave the Swedish girl the diamond? Hmmm, I could probably heat a lot of feedwater. Make going to work a lot more fun too."

EXACTLY! That is exactly how I tried to express it to her before I tossed her out. I tried to explain it to her twice, hence her two black eyes...I think the next one is gonna have to be able to understand the whole concept. Like how it's my job to produce the power that drives all the major appliances she is expected to operate...and will willingly tug the little lever too.

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