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Posted by Flangehead on May 02, 2001 at 14:34:57:

In Reply to: Lantern rings and pump packing posted by Brian Buchberger on April 29, 2001 at 18:37:26:

: I have a question what is a lantern ring and what does it do?, I have a centrifugal feedwater pump with packing can i remove the packing and install a mechanical seal, thanks

: At a chemical plant I worked at we had a Peerless feedpump we had retro-fitted with mech. seals and it worked out OK. The pump was 300 psi/325 gpm, but it did not have lantern rings, just packing. In referencing your lantern ring question in my pump handbook (Mcgraw-Hill, great book, get one!) boiler feed pumps usually aren't equipped with lantern rings. The reason is because the seal isn't necessary due to the positive suction head on the pump.
At the same plant we had a transfer pump we wanted to do as well but we could not. This pump had lantern rings and a really deep stuffing box and the seal rep. said they have had fitting and sealing problems in the past going to mechanical seals. So we didn't do it.
Anyhow the company we used was Smith-Koch, they service the Penn.,NJ,DEL, and Maryland area. they were really good and stood behind their work. The seals they used were John Crane Co. or Chesterton I can't remember. Any good pump overhaul company should be able to help, call someone in for a quote.

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