Class A engineer's license test

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Posted by John Walker on April 30, 2001 at 15:04:09:

My question is for anyone who can possibly help me with any kind of tip or suggestion.I work for the Philadelphia Gas Works and I have been trying to pass this test for some time now with no success. My company does not give us anything in the form of training or preparation for this test. They pretty much leave it up to us to study on our own. They used to have access to questions and answers to previous tests but thats no longer the case. They say since the test is given by another outfit they can no longer get these quetions and answers. The company that administers the test now is The National Assessment Institute. They haven't been to helpful either in terms of preparation. They only give you a list of books.The list is of 5 books. Is there just maybe 1 or 2 books I can access to help me pass this test instead of having to access 5? And if there is what are the best books to use?(assuming I can use just 1 or 2)Or is there a comprehensive study guide I can use to help me?

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