contamination in condensate return from plant

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Posted by Scott on April 22, 2001 at 18:31:21:

I work at a semi conductor manufacturer. An unknown source contaminates the condensate return. We use D.I. water for feedwater. Normal readings are;Alkalinity 300-400;Sulfite 200-400;Phosphate 30-50 ;Cond.PH 7.5-8.5;Condensate and F.W. hardness is 0ppm.;Conductivity of Cond. and F.W. is 10ppm. When contaminated the Alk. is o.k.; Sulf.<120 and increasing chemical amt. doesn't help raise it.;Phosphate is<10. We triple amt. of chemical to raise it.; Cond.PH 10.5-11.0;Hardness is ok. Condensate Return Conductivity 300-500;Feedwater Conductivity 200-300. Boilers are60000lb.-no superheaters. Output is +- 1000000lbs./day. Any help would be appreciated.

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