Historic boiler called the "Turbo Gen"

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Posted by George Ramsower on February 19, 2000 at 01:21:08:

I wouldn't bother fine folks as you with something like this, but I'm at the end of the line in this quest...

A few years ago, I was digging around in an old encyclopedia and ran across a short article
on a type of boiler that used a spinning, superheated drum to vaporize the feed water.
The feedwater was injected into the spinning drum, and when it came into contact with the
inside surface of the drum, it would flash into steam. The water droplets would be forced
back to the sides of the drum by centrifugal force. The steam that came out of the drum was
dry steam if I remember correctly.

The article claimed that the boiler produced ten horsepower in a package weighing about
100 pounds and about the size of a washing machine.

The precise numbers I have given here could be in error due to the time frame since I read this.

My question is...

Does anyone know about this boiler design, and where can I find more info on it?

I've scoured the internet and the libraries here in San Antonio, and have found nothing.

Thanks for any help with this seemingly impossible mission.

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