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low output

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Posted by jtown on February 03, 2004 at 10:08:31:

In Reply to: repost: radiation rate was adequate until this yeart? posted by Chapman Flack on February 03, 2004 at 09:08:31:

Shut off all other gas appliances and time the gas meter to see if the boiler is shutting off from being overfired. What is efficiency test results from the parts changer? Stack temp and CO2 or O2? Is the chimney pulling a match flame inward at the draft hood or is there a bird/squirrels nest in the chimney? A stack spill switch may be shutting it off too often. You should be getting a lot of water on windows if the chimney is plugged. A dirty boiler may be overheating as the water is not cooling it, or if the water flow is too low. Look up inside with a mirror and pull flue pipe and check for heavy soot or scale blockage. If a lot of heat is coming out at the burner opening, you may have a flame rollout switch shutting it off. Make sure the radiation's valves are all opened and the system bled. Air pockets may be hampering flow. Air flow around radiation is clear? Make sure system pressure is where it belongs. Open the highest bleeder when up to temp to check for pressure there. Don't trust gauge.

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