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Posted by Mike on March 17, 2005 at 19:58:06:

Hi, great site! I have a five year old Weil McClain WGO 3 net btu's is 80,000 its a oil fired hot water boiler. My home has two floors it was built in 2000. It has two circulars which are Taco 007-F5. It will only heat to 66 on one of the zones when it gets below -30. To get it to 70 I have to crank the wall thermostat to 85 at 7 am and by 9 pm it will be 70 and slower keep going over 70. Then I can turn it down to 73. I have re leveled the wall thermostat and also switched them, from good zone to bad zone. This problem zone is on the first floor. I have the Honeywell high limit relay set to 210. Weil McClain said it's ok to set the 210, like stated in my boiler manual. Problem zone has 170' of 3/4" copper which includes the 70 feet of baseboards. The upstairs zone with 25 feet of baseboard works great. The heat lost came out OK, it was done at -20 degrees with a total of 52,000 btu's needed per hour. Boiler runs at 12 psi and starts at 190 then stops at 210 degrees. It runs for 10 minutes 3 times per hour. At the supply I get 190 degrees at the return I got 162 degrees. It should be less then 20 degrees difference like the good upstairs zone.
To heat the house to 70 when its -1 degrees outside, my wall thermostat must be set to 73 all day. This zone has never worked correctly once it gets below zero. Should I cut the problem zone with 70 feet in half and add another 007 pump? Should I wait until it get 30 below to have it fixed, because it runs ok now thats its spring? I have this problem for about three weeks out of the year.
PS What's a thermometer?


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