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Posted by bruce on March 02, 2000 at 00:21:56:

In Reply to: Re: steamtraps posted by Vern on December 04, 1999 at 21:07:56:

: : Is there such a thing as a steamtrap? I've had so many conflicting assessments of our heating system - don't know who to beleive. We have a steam boiler with radiators that have no valves. One guy said our house was piped for hot water-gravity (there are two pipes of different diameter going into each radiator) and another plumber said our radiators have steam traps in them to regulate flow. We don't get much heat from the radiators unless it's in the 20's. In one section of our house we had never had heat until one plumber put valves on two out of the three radiators which run off the same line vertically (we have a three story house).
: : Do we need new steam traps, as one guy suggested, or valves on all the radiators? Oh, and one of the radiators which had a valve put on now heats but is overflowing and has now put a hole in the kitchen ceiling from the leaking. The plumber said that was because of the bad steamtrap. Help!

: Yes, there are such things as steam traps. They will probably look like a cylinder with a flat
: top, with inlet and outlet fittings. There are several different types of systems, with many different types of problems.
: For household heating problems, go to, that site is dedicated strictly to this kind of question. If you
: don't get help there, email me and I will try to answer your questions.

Try going to that`s sarco`s website, they are a fine manufacturer of steam traps, there is a technician standing by to size the traps you need, or you can do it yourself with their website info. Good luck, you`ll do fine!

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