How To Use The GOSTEAM.COM Auction

Use of the GOSTEAM.COM Auction as a forum to place buyers and sellers together is straightforward. All actual transactions are handled between the buyer and seller only. GOSTEAM.COM receives a usage payment from the equipment seller at the end of the auction, see the payment page.

REGISTERING: Viewing the current auctions is free and does not require a registration. If you wish to place a bid on equipment or list equipment for sale you must become a registered user. This is a simple process that takes only a minute or two. Complete point of contact information is required including your e-mail address. You will also select a 'handle' or 'screen-name' of your choice. Once you have completed the registration form it is submitted to GOSTEAM.COM. A confirmation password will be e-mailed to the address supplied within a few minutes to verify your correct e-mail address. This password is generated randomly. Once you return to the auction site you may enter the Change Registration to modify your given password to one of your choosing. You are now ready to buy and sell.

BUYERS: If you wish to place a bid you will be prompted for your handle and password. Remember that placing a bid is legally binding so do not bid unless you plan to buy. The minimum bid you may enter is listed on each page and is determined by the current bid and the specified bid increment value.

GOSTEAM.COM features an automatic "proxy" bidding system:

SELLERS: After registering you may list equipment for sale. There are a few seller-selected items required to list equipment on the auction. These include:

A note to sellers: it is strongly recommended that removal of equipment and loading onto a truck is included in any package. There will most likely be little interest in an equipment purchase from a distant buyer if removal and loading is not a part of the package. Be sure to state in your description is removal and loading is or is not included.

Since there is no up front fee to list an item and you may set a minimum reserve price, it is to your benefit to post as much equipment as possible. You only pay if you sell !

The seller is required to make payment to GOSTEAM.COM upon completetion of the auction for services rendered.

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You agree to hold the producers of this web site and any related individuals/ organizations harmless for any loss or damage claimed in any form arising from the operation of this web site or use of information herein. All content should be considered "AS IS" with no warranties of any kind. Seller assumes all responsibility for listed items. Potential buyers should contact the seller to resolve any questions before bidding. Only place a bid if you're serious about buying the item; if you're the winning bidder, you will enter into a legally binding contract to purchase the item from the seller.