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Thank you for your time and enthusiasm with our association on the Internet. The following list reasons why the internet and The Boiler Room is the place for your organization to be advertising.

A revolution in the international exchange of information is underway by use of the Internet. Your organization has a one time opportunity to take a position at the front of this wave. The Boiler Room is a boiler industry specific focal point on the internet. As the volume of advertisements continues to increase, the ability for potential customers to find small, isolated sites becomes dramatically more difficult. There is no sense advertising in a place that no one will see, nor is there a reason to undertake the significant time and expense necessary to do this yourself. By joining The Boiler Room, you will receive immediate attention from the consistent traffic to the other organizations on The Boiler Room. A lone site must depend on potential customers finding it's isolated listing. The many companies on The Boiler Room insures that if your organization does not come up on a search, the probability is high that another organization on The Boiler Room will, therefore directing traffic to your site you may have never received. Each new company that joins our association serves to strengthen everyone collectively. In our opinion, this approach to Internet marketing will be the only successful means of information propagation.

The internet provides world wide access to tens of millions of users and is growing at an exponential rate. The majority of these will be professionals seeking information related to their profession. This site is an on-line service to the boiler owners, operators, engineers, and equipment manufactures. We were the first to provide a place on the internet that is exclusively dedicated to our boiler industry. We have developed this site to be the first and best place that a boiler professional will look to solve their boiler room problem.

Our rates are less than half of what you would pay for an ad in one of the trade magazine for one issue. Our price is for one (1) full year, and they cannot reach nearly as many potential customers. One other big bonus is that your add on The Boiler Room will not be thrown away or filed to your stack of magazines that will probably never be read. Your ad is available 24 hrs per day seven days per week in the same spot where they can easy find it at The Boiler Room.

There are two classes of advertisements on The Boiler Room, static pages and sales intensive pages.

Static Pages:

These pages consist of data that, once on-line, cannot be changed. These pages are ideal for manufacturers representatives, boiler service companies, or other companies that need only display line cards, services offered, points of contact, etc. Modifications to these pages once on-line will incur a fee. The price for a static website is $ 275/year for the first, or Home, page. Each additional page is only $ 85/year, for data such as line cards, equipment list, etc. The amount of information that will be placed on a single page is up to our discretion, this is typically the same amount of information that would fit on a standard sheet of 8 1/2" X 11" letter paper. The base $ 275 annual charge INCLUDES your own company domain address of !

Sales Intensive Pages:

These pages are designed for definite sales related tasks and may include product listings and prices, specifications, and other information of a cyclic or periodic nature. These pages will typically require frequent maintenance with price and other information changes. Contact The Boiler Room for custom pricing.

Special Website Enhancements:

The Boiler Room offers additional website programming such as special graphics and sound presentation and enhanced site generation. These additional features are custom quoted by The Boiler Room. Some additional options are:

The following rates apply for basic services:

Corporate Internet Site Creation:

We look forward to your joining our organization.

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