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Please fill out the following form. Designing and estimating HRSG's is very time intensive. Unfortunately we cannot respond to all inquiries. The completeness of the information below is critical to evaluating your inquiry. While we enjoy developing new projects we cannot afford to expend free engineering resources on projects where the likelyhood of the project moving ahead is remote.
All Information Below is Required

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Gas Turbine - For Combined Cycle Plant
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Information that would be expected to be included is:

If combustion turbine model and manufacturer, inlet gas temperature, allowable backpressure, steam generation required with supplimentary firing if required, silencer, damper, simple cycle bypass, and fresh air firing requirements

If the flue gas source if from another process identify the process in detail and provide, gas mass flow, temperatures, flue gas analysis, inlet flue gas pressure and allowable HRSG backpressure, particulate loading, corrosive flue gases, and any other design constraints.

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Insure that all point of contact information is completed as you will be contacted to provide additional information as required. HRSG's are custom designed and engineered on a per request basis. Please allow on average two weeks response time for a proposal.

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